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Mexican cooking classes in Williamstown!

“Small business owner seeks people who like to have fun while they learn and connect with others in the community!”

I moved here from Mexico just in time to open a shop at the beginning of a pandemic. My background is finance, team coaching and health coaching, but my heart is in gastronomy and authentic food – I’m a foodie! In Mexico City I studied gastronomy just for pleasure. My grandparents were bakers, and my father made sure my siblings and I inherited a taste and talent for cooking. I’ve travelled to 50 different countries and in every place I like to try the local food.

If you’re a social and friendly person, why not leave behind the challenges of the last couple of years together and have an evening of enjoyment? If you’re looking for something different, hands on and authentic in a casual environment, come to my class and we say ‘salud!’ with a delicious margarita.

Bonus: You can get some travel tips if you ever want to go to Mexico, and learn some funny Spanish words.

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