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Authentic Mexican Gifts in Williamstown - Day of the Dead

Mexico is that beautiful country full of colourful traditions and a vibrant culture that expands past the beautiful vacation beaches, resorts, and the most friendly people . The country is worth visiting for many reasons; like its extraordinary culinary distinctiveness (not burritos) archaeological sights, and also for its diversity of festivals. Mexico has many local customs that are typical to specific areas of the country, but some deep-rooted traditions and events are celebrated throughout the country.

One of the most recognised yearly events that is celebrated throughout Mexico is Día de los Muertos, (Day of the dead)This celebration is rich in rituals and expresses the unique and exceptional relationship that Mexicans have with death and with their ancestors.

It’s a distinct spiritual time of the year to gather family members together, reflect, and remember our family members who aren’t with us anymore. It’s a happy celebration meant to honour our dearly departed loved ones and to appreciate life while we are still part of the living. I'm very happy to share with you a little bit about my country - come visit at our two locations @southmelbournemarket and Williamstown.

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