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Welcome to Magenta Market, I’m Leticia “Lety” a passionate Mexican entrepreneur bringing a piece of Mexico to Australia.
The concept of this store was born from my deep love for Mexican culture and the desire to share its richness
with the people of this beautiful country.
Every item you’ll find here has a story to tell – from vibrant crafts reflecting the joy of our traditions to jewelry carrying
the artistry and skill of our artisans. As you explore our store,
I invite you to embark on a journey where each product is more than an object;
it’s a direct connection to the warmth and diversity of Mexico.
Gracias for being part of this story and allowing me to bring a touch of Mexico to your home in Australia!”

Amate Bark Painting

Amate bark painting is a Mexican folk art developed in the state of Puebla, Mexico.
But today it is mainly practiced in the state of Guerrero.
The process involves the creating of the bark paper and painting of it.
This is often done to depict brightly coloured scenes of daily life, history, or nature.
Made in Mexico By Magenta Market


The rich ceramic heritage of Talavera was introduced to Mexico by Spanish guild artisans from the colonial period.
Mexican Talavera takes its name from the 16th century Spanish pottery center, Talavera de la Reina.
While the intricate polychrome and more typical designs in blue and white showcase their Old World heritage,
native animal and floral motifs claim these colorful ceramics as classically Mexican.

Further Reading on this link.


Pewter is a metallic alloy, traditionally with a composition of 85 to 99% tin and traces of 1-4% copper to give it hardness.


Mexico is the worlds main source of silver and the Mexican people best understand this metal’s creative versatility.

In Mexico, silver transcends it's commercial value because it also represents the tradition, history, and legend of this country. Taxco, a town in the state of Guerrero, is the world centre of silver.

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