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Organika Vase - Serpentina Collection

Organika Vase - Serpentina Collection


The Organika vase from the Serpentina collection is a unique piece that combines contemporary art with rich Mexican tradition. Its wavy and stylish design makes it an elegant addition to any space.


The Serpentina collection stands out for its innovative "Pop Art," blending rich Mexican tradition with contemporary design. Each piece is crafted from high-quality recycled paper, transformed through a meticulous and selective manual process. Materials undergo quality control adhering to ecological standards, using water-based varnishes and solvent-free resins.

  • Social Impact:

    By purchasing Serpentina products, you support Mexican artisans, promoting sustainable and ethical design practices, and contributing to a new artisanal tradition that bridges the contemporary with the traditional.

  • Material:

    Material: High-quality recycled paper, transformed through an artisanal process.

  • Dimensions:

    Dimensions: Approximately 33 cm long x 17 cm wide.

  • Design:

    Design: Wavy and modern form, ideal for any decor style.

  • Uses:

    Perfect for natural or artificial flowers, or simply as a decorative piece to enhance any corner of your home.

  • Exclusivity:

    Exclusivity: Unique designs with copyrights, ensuring each piece is truly special.

  • Color:

    Color: Shades of pink and yellow. Note that colors may vary due to photography.

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