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My Mexico City Kitchen

My Mexico City Kitchen


Discover the vibrant and authentic flavors of Mexico City with "My Mexico City Kitchen" by Gabriela Cámara. This cookbook offers a deep dive into the rich culinary traditions of Mexico, presented through the eyes of one of the country's most innovative and respected chefs.

Gabriela Cámara, known for her famous restaurant Contramar, shares over 150 recipes that capture the essence of contemporary Mexican cuisine. From antojitos and tacos to seafood dishes and desserts, each recipe is designed to be accessible and replicable in your own kitchen, without losing the authenticity and flavor that make Mexican gastronomy unique.

  • Authenticity:

    Authenticity: Recipes are based on fresh ingredients and traditional techniques, adapted for the modern cook.

  • Variety:

    Variety: A wide range of dishes, from street food favorites to Gabriela's culinary innovations.

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